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Happy looooong holiday weekend (if you’re in the USA)!! Woo freakin’ hooooo!!! I SO needed this long weekend lol…

So, this week on the blog I was SUPPOSED to share my Dining Room/Area update. Which was SUPPOSED to involve spicing up my built in credenza by painting it with a black base coat, and then using a stencil technique to make it look like it had bone inlay. But if you read what I actually posted on Wednesday (HERE), then you’ll know I did no such thing.

Even though I didn’t actually do the painting and stenciling to my credenza, I still love the look and I still might do it, just not now. Nevertheless, I know from my limited experience with stenciling that it is time consuming (part of why I’m not doing it now lol), but the effect is usually really cool. Like all good things, it takes hard work and effort, right? So, you can stencil your walls for a custom wallpaper look—that’s the OG way to stencil, right? But what I really love is the look of stenciled furniture. You can update a tired (or band new) piece of furniture, achieve different design styles and add a little cultural flair into your space with some paint, patience and good tunes.

And did you know that you can even stencil tile floors?! Say what?? It’s totally a thing! I considered it for my bathroom, but I have not worked up the nerve to attempt this… but I think it looks VERY cool when done right. That is, you have to do the prep work to make it last! I imagine you could even do this to concrete or old wood floors that are beyond refinishing?? Maybe? Just an idea!

By now you have to know that I’ve been hoarding some stencil inspiration over on Pinterest! You can browse my board HERE. But please pin from the original sources. Check ’em out below!

What say you? Is this something you’d try? Or is it too busy and/or are you too exhausted to attempt it?

Let me know your thoughts!

Many thanks and much love,

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