19 Autumn Activities & Adventures for 2019

You guys! We are just two short days away from the OFFICIAL start of fall! Although, in my little part of the world, it’s still feeling very much like summer with highs in the mid 80s this weekend. Nevertheless, autumn is mere days away and it’s time to start planning so we can make the most of it!

Last year I shared a Fall Fun List (HERE) with 31 ways to make the season memorable, and all are still very viable options for this fall if I do say so myself. But this year I’m sharing a NEW list with 19 NEW ways to make Autumn 2019 one to remember! Let’s jump in (to the pile of leaves), shall we?

  1. Make a Pumpkin Treat
  2. Enjoy a Cider Drink
  3. Complete a Fall Themed Scavenger Hunt
  4. Make Trail Mix
  5. Make a No-Sew Blanket
  6. Add a Pop of Orange to your Decor
  7. Fall-ify your Garden
  8. Donate to a Winter Coat Drive
  9. Do a Big Jigsaw Puzzle
  10. Plan a Fall-Themed Staycation
  11. Wear Halloween PJs in October
  12. Bake an Apple Pie / Tart
  13. Switchover Wardrobe to Fall/Winter
  14. Light Spice Scented Candles
  15. Roast Marshmallows
  16. Wear Fluffy Socks and/or Scarves
  17. Go Antiquing/Thrifting/Treasure Hunting
  18. Get Lost (In A Book)
  19. Write Notes of Thanks

What fun things are you going to do this fall?

Many thanks and much love,


Photo by Jeremy Thomas on Unsplash


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