I Need A Hobby // Hand Lettering

Hey, hey! You know what time it is? Hobby time! I swear the days are literally (well, not literally) flying by!

Today will be a very quick check in (promise!) because just like last month, I am wondering why I still do this post haha, but we only have three more months to go and I’m gonna stick with it even if I don’t have anything new to say. Ha!

So here goes it!

Reading…I finished City of Girls by Liz Gilbert (yay!) and I absolutely LOVED it! It was provocative and thought provoking and emotional all at the same time. Well, at different moments I suppose, but you get my point, right? Unfortunately, I did not get into another book as my official September choice. I tried to start a couple and wasn’t quite as captivated. So now I’ll have to tackle two books this month to get to my 12/year goal. And I have no clue which two to read…! Any suggestions?

Photography… nothing to see here!

Cooking… there were many Ramen work lunches this month… that’s all.

Gardening… more of the same. I didn’t even weed but I don’t think there were weeds to pull… Some of the plants are starting to shrivel up and get sparse. And others are thriving! And I’m not doing anything to help either way!

Jewelry Making… no updates on this front!

Painting ditto…

Sewing… the curtains did NOT get hemmed, and now that it’s fall I think I’m going to change them back to the charcoal gray so they don’t need to be hemmed until the spring.

Bullet Journaling…not only did I not bullet journal, like AT ALL, I also didn’t prioritize self care like I had hoped/planned (really just hoped). So I’m on a real roll here, huh? lol…

This month I want to try Hand Lettering! A couple of years ago for Christmas I asked for brush tip pens so I could try hand lettering, but I never got into it. That is, I didn’t even really try. Maybe half heartedly. Maybe quarter heartedly.  Halfway through September I thought I probably should have done the Hand Lettering before attempting the Bullet Journaling so I could use my new found skill (fingers crossed that’s what it becomes) to create Bullet Journal spreads that I didn’t want to tear out before I even used them, haha… but alas, hindsight is 20/20. So maybe I will try them in tandem this month. They do seem to go hand in hand, don’t they?

Have you tried a new hobby recently?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Estée Janssens on Unsplash

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