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Hello hello! I’m back for another hobby check-in post! Are you bored of reading these yet?? Because I’m getting bored of writing them! Hahaha…

But for real, my intent with this hobby a month challenge was to try new things and see what I enjoyed most so that ultimately I could/would incorporate them into my daily life. If you’ve been reading along the past couple (few?) months, you’ll know that I haven’t made much progress at my attempts. Every month has been the same, and SHOCKER, this month is no different!

Only two months to go, so let’s keep it up shall we? Even if only for appearances…

Reading…I did it, I caught up! I read two books this month so now I’m up to ten for the year, hooray! On track for 12 this year. I decided to restart a book I first attempted to read a couple of YEARS ago: Big Magic by Liz Gilbert. I never made it far the first go around, but this time I made it through and I loved it. It was perfect. A guide of sorts, to living the life of a creative. It was easy to read, as the chapters were all relatively short anecdotes. And I love Liz’s writing style too so that always helps. I highly recommend. I also read I’m Fine And Neither Are You by Camille Pagán. I really enjoyed this work of fiction, thought sometimes the storyline got me down as it was all too reflective of real life, but it was also uplifting and left me feeling hopeful. I downloaded another book by Camille Pagán to my Kindle app and I think I’ll read it for November: Woman Last Seen In Her Thirties.

Photography… any guesses as to how this went?

Cooking… I did some baking this month, which my waistline is not so happy about. But it was good for my soul. I re-upped my Hello Fresh subscription so next month real cooking will recommence.

Gardening… I cut back almost all of my plants. The annuals that were once big bushes of color turned into spindly stalk of green. My pepper plants still look happy, and there are three jalapeños waiting to be picked. I had wanted to plant mums and decorate for Halloween but never got to it. Maybe the mums will happen still…

Jewelry Making… nothing more made…

Painting no painting, but I did daydream about it, does that count?

Sewing… the sewing machine is still buried, need I say more?

Bullet Journaling… what do you think? Haha, NOPE!

Hand Lettering… whomp, whomp! Though I did buy a practice workbook that teaches you how to make the letters. But I didn’t use it, so that doesn’t count right?

This month I want to rekindle my long lost Crocheting hobby! Once upon a time I crocheted scarves and started an afghan throw (that I never finished). I find that my fingers get very cold when I crochet. Is that weird? Probably… I have a lot of yarn left from when I was very much into the idea of Crocheting in my free time. So I thought I’d start working my way through the skeins and see what I come up with. I think I’ll start with a scarf but maybe try that afghan again. First up, though, relearn the stitches!

What hobby have you attempted (or reattempted) recently?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Alex Block on Unsplash

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