Monday Musings + Week In Review // 4.27.2020

Good morning! How ARE you?!

Welcome to my first Monday Musings and Week in Review! I want to use this space each week as a place to jot down random bits from life of late, to talk about things that aren’t necessarily design and home decor related, and to chronicle what’s been happening so one day I can look back and see what life was really like at age 36… and in the midst of a pandemic.

Before I jump into what went down this week, I thought I’d share what my Corona quarantine is looking like. I recognize that I’m super lucky in that my 9-5 was deemed an essential business so despite a brief period where we thought we had to close, I’ve been able to work. Shortly after the state shutdown, as workloads dwindled and we implemented stronger social distancing criteria in the office, my work schedule has been modified. I’m alternating days in the office with the the other CSR, and the other days we work from home, as much as we’re able to. After work, I’ve been going to my mom’s almost every night for dinner.

Monday 4/20: I worked from home today. Due to the nature of our work, we’re limited as to what we can actually do remotely. Mostly we just monitor, respond to and send new emails. Make phone calls if need be. And then check in with the office to handle urgent tasks that we’re unable to do from home. So I end up intermixing work checkins with cleaning up, reading, rearranging decor, etc. The two hardest things are making sure I get up and move and that I drink enough water. This morning I made corn cakes with some cornmeal I found in my pantry when I attempted polenta ages ago. They were… okay, lol. A little blah. I brought them to my mom, haha. Oh and today was the 5th anniversary of me buying this here little house!

Celebratory dinner with the mom: cheeseburger and fries, yum!

Tuesday 4/21: Today I was in the office. It was the first day we had to wear masks. It wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. Especially because everyone else had them on. Drinking tea was a challenge… and looking down without actually bending my head down is something I take for granted! It was actually nauseating, but I’m a freakshow when it comes to that. If we didn’t have enough appreciation for the healthcare workers during this time already, wearing masks is another reason to give them props, because that is not fun at all. The workload was enough to keep me busy for most of my shift, so that was good.

Dinner with mom: chicken patties, mac and cheese, pear slices and… corn cakes!

Wednesday 4/22: I worked from home today. In addition to my work checkins, I had my “Top 3” goals for the day (mentioned in my 20 Goals for 2020 post HERE). One of them was to straighten up the entire downstairs, check! I also wanted to plant my herbs for the season, but at 45 degrees it was too cold for my blood! Hopefully I’ll be able to do it on Saturday when the forecast is 61. I also wanted to wipe down my dining room “console” and coffee/tea station (and rearrange the shelves), check! And since I bailed on the herbs I swapped in another goal and wrote out all the slips for my Music Jar (also from my 20 Goals post).

Dinner at moms: eggs, pork roll and toasted Amoroso club rolls with jam, breakfast for dinner!

Thursday 4/23: Today was two months since my dad passed. It’s very surreal that he’s not physically with us anymore. Love and miss you, Daddy! Hope heaven is nice, that you don’t have to social distance up there and that you’re getting to do all the things you loved to do! Today was also another day in the office. I’m really struggling with the masks. I think it’s making my neck very stiff and I’m still having nausea when I look down. I really don’t know how people that have to wear them all the time do it. Maybe they get used to it? For their sake, I hope so!

Dinner at moms: grilled cheese and tomato soup! And chocolate pudding for dessert, with a cheers to my dad.

Friday 4/24: Today is another work from home day. The weather is dreary and it’s cold in my house. I have a blanket on my lap instead of turning the heat up. Between (and during) work checkins I watched The Masked Singer (one of my Top 3 Goals for the day, haha). I’m not as obsessed with it as I once was, but I still find it very entertaining and love to try to figure out who is behind the mask! My other Top 3 Goals are to work on my office organization (!) and write a blog post. To be honest, I’m not too motivated to do either. I’m struggling to focus. Maybe it’s the chill in the air. I did sort through a bag in my office (a jumble of rubber bands, twist ties, pens and other randomness). And I’m writing this, which is part of a blog post… check!? I’m also working on filling in my blog schedule for the next couple of months.

Dinner with Mom: fish and chips!

Saturday 4/25: Today I ventured to the grocery store and stocked up on stuff for me and my mom. It wasn’t as bad as it had been two weeks ago, and by the time I was ready to check out there was NO LINE, what?? It was such a relief. I took a short walk (15-ish minutes) to get myself back into the swing of exercise and then planted my herb seeds in new planters I got for the deck (also planted flower seeds I bought last year and never used), fingers crossed everything grows and that I didn’t plant too early :::insert wide eyed emoji here:::

Mom and I did curbside pickup from Bertucci’s for dinner: pizza and meatballs (and their rolls, OF COURSE), delish!

Sunday 4/26: Feeling a little wobbly today so took it easy in the morning. I had some ambitious things on my Top 3 list for the weekend and didn’t get much of it done, but not gonna worry about it. Sometimes you have to pivot, right? Instead I watched some TV and YouTube, picked the first artist from my Music Jar (Darius Rucker, liking almost everything I’ve heard so far!) and colored in a coloring book. I started working on a painting of my dad (which was on my list, only did the planning so far though), and I changed my sheets!

Dinner with my mom: filet mignon, baked potatoes and French cut greenbeans.

I think for future Monday Musings posts I’ll do a a little more of the musing and a little less of the week in reviewing… we’ll see!

How was your week?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Ramdas Ware from Pexels

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