Monday Musings // 5.11.2020

Happy Monday! And another week has passed…

Last week, in my little work bubble, I returned to what seemed like semi-normalcy… well, as normal as normal can get right now. It was normal-ish in that after working from home on Monday, I was back in the office every day for the remainder of the week. I must say that I have gotten a little too used to my one day in, one day at home alternating schedule! I had to get dressed in real clothes every day! That being said, it wasn’t all bad. Both the other CSR and I were in the office at the same time because our boss was out of the office… because… he and his wife welcomed a baby girl on Wednesday night! Congrats!!!

A sweet reminder that in the midst a global pandemic, good thing still happen, albeit maybe not how we envision them happening. Nevertheless, they do happen.

Maybe they’re not all as epic as the birth of a baby, but take some time to recognize the good things when they pop up. We can all use any little bit of positivity we can get, don’t you think?

What good has happened around you recently?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Josh Bacon on Unsplash

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