Living With Less // Can I Konmari?

How goes it, my lovelies?

Today I bring you another Living With Less post. In my last post, I asked “Is Less Really More?” (HERE) and today I’m asking (myself mostly), “Can I Konmari?”

If you’re here today, then I imagine that you’ve heard of Marie Kondo and her Konmari Method, or her book The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up. I haven’t read her book, but I watched the first season of her Netflix series. I was intrigued and on the verge of attempting her method last January. But I feel like I may not be able to keep to the rules…

If you’re unfamiliar with the specifics, the gist is this:

  1. Imagine what you want your ideal life to be and what possessions are a part of that life.
  2. Tidy your home by category of item (not location/room), following a specific order from easiest to hardest:
    1. Clothes
    2. Books
    3. Papers
    4. Komono (Miscellaneous items)
    5. Sentimental items
  3. As you tidy, decide what to keep vs what to discard
    1. Ask if the item sparks joy, if yes, keep it.
    2. If not, thank the item for its service and decide to donate or throw away.
  4. Assign a home to the items you will be keeping.

(You can find the full explanation of how to go about this on Marie’s website HERE).

I’m sure, technically speaking, I can do this. But I think it will be a challenge. Mostly because I have things ALL OVER THE PLACE. Which I know is part of the reason to do it this way, so you can see exactly how extensive the problem is lol… it just sounds EXHAUSTING. I *think* that in order to do this I will definitely have to tackle it in stages. Marie does say that tidying is a marathon, not a sprint. I may have to dedicate whole weekends to sort through a single category.

Gosh, just the thought of emptying my closet onto my bed is anxiety inducing.

Do you think you could follow Marie’s method?

Many thanks and much love,

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