A 100 Day Challenge

Hello, hello!

Today I am excited (and a little nervous #accountability) to announce my first ever 100 Day Challenge! I don’t think I’ve mentioned the concept of a 100 Day Challenge here on the blog before (or anywhere actually). I heard about it on A Beautiful Mess, first on their blog (HERE) and then on their podcast. The idea is to pick a few goals to really focus on for 100 days. They can be big projects to accomplish, or small habits to hone, or anything in between really.

I realize I already have lists upon lists that I’m working on to better myself, but this challenge is to help me achieve some of the items on those other lists. So, on Monday 6/1, I will be embarking on a 100 Day Challenge. I’ve chosen three categories to kinda/sorta narrow my focus this first go around: home, personal, and professional. Ready? Here we go!


  • Phase 1 of my Bathroom Renovation: this project is on my 20 Goals for 2020 list (HERE). I will have a separate post outlining all the specifics of Phase 1, coming next week!
  • Shred all the old Financial Paperwork: in my quest to achieve some sort of minimalist lifestyle I am first tackling the clutter that is 17 years of financial paperwork I have kept, so I’ll be wearing out my shredder over the next 3 months (hopefully less!) in an attempt to rid myself of at least the 7 oldest years.


  • Recommit to Health & Fitness
    • Drink More Water: I already drink mostly water, but I want to limit my intake of sugary drinks to maybe one soda and perhaps one non-alcoholic beer a week. I also want to make sure I drink more water to keep my hydration in check.
    • Eat Fewer Processed Foods: I don’t know if it’s feasible to cut out completely, but I’m going to try to here.
    • Do PT Every Day: the first step to my reintroduction into fitness is getting my back stronger.
  • Create A Capsule Wardrobe: this is on my new 40 x 40 list (HERE) and is part of my Living With Less quest as well.


  • Post consistently on Instagram: this goal is for my 9-5, where one of my responsibilities is to run our social media.
  • Promote this little blog over on Pinterest: I want to do an experiment to see if draws any traffic to this here site of mine.
  • Start my printable shop on Etsy: this is another one of my 40 x 40 Goals, and also one of my 20 Goals for 2020.

I will be tackling these nine goals over the next 14 weeks or so, I think I can do it!

What would you tackle during a 100 Day Challenge?

Many thanks and much love,

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