Monday Musings // 6.1.2020

Happy June 1st!

And Happy 100 Day Challenge Day (that’s a thing, and it’s today)!

Last week was not only a 4-day work week because of the Memorial Day holiday on Monday, but it was also my first week back to doing an alternating office/WFH/office/WFH schedule at work. It seemed like the longest short week ever! I am grateful though that this was my biggest concern.

On Friday, amidst my work tasks, I put 100 sticky notes on the wall in my home office in preparation for today’s start of my 100 Day Challenge (if you missed that post, check it out HERE). I want to make notations each day about what tasks I’ve done to help me reach one or more of my goals. I hope this challenge gives me enough time to make real progress towards the goals I am hoping to achieve. I think it should because let me just say, 100 is a BIG number! 

This week should also mark the next phase in reopening Pennsylvania. I hope it goes smoothly and we can reclaim some of our sense of normalcy as summer descends upon us. Fingers crossed!

How are you ringing in June?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Aleksandr Eremin on Unsplash

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