Monday Musings // 06.29.2020

Good morning! Another Monday is upon us…

Last Friday marked Day 25 of my first 100 Day Challenge (HERE). I’m one quarter of the way through, so I thought I’d do a mini check in today! Ya know, to keep me honest…

So far I have attempted to eat less processed food (I am not measuring this but I think I’ve failed, so beginning again!), drink more water (and limit sugary drinks), and to do PT everyday (I have been pretty good at this except the past few days). I’m getting back into the PT right away because my body seems to be revolting. I hope it’s just because I stopped and not because I’m falling apart already…

The main goal from my 100 Day Challenge checklist that I’ve been working on most consistently, and making the most progress with, is my bathroom renovation (if you missed the plans and the inspo, you can see it HERE).

As of Friday I have completed the following:

  • Removed Chair Rail (and then remove masking tape that was hiding under the chair rail)
  • Removed Peel & Stick Tile Near Vanity
  • Removed All Hooks, Towel Rings, etc.
  • Removed The MIRROR!!!
  • Repaired Walls, Filled Holes, etc.

And this weekend I:

  • Sanded The Patches
  • Removed The Medicine Cabinet
  • Primed The Walls

I’ve also ordered new hooks and TP holder (already arrived), a new shower curtain rod (delivers today!) and new decals for the shower (which was a last minute add-on to the original Phase 1 plans).

Here are some progress shots so far…


Next up on the bathroom reno front is to paint the walls and vanity, HANG THE MIRRORS! INSTALL THE HOOKS! And figure out a medicine cabinet replacement solution (thinking of doing a nook with shelves instead)… and then deal with the decals in the shower (if I get the new ones in time) and put up the new shower curtain rod… all in the next 25 days… yikes, stay tuned!

Among my other 100 Day Challenge goals that I want to focus on in this next stretch: shredding the old financials and get into posting consistently to Insta at the ol’ 9-5. Wish me luck!

Did you start a 100 Day Challenge? How are you getting on with it?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by 🇨🇭 Claudio Schwarz | @purzlbaum on Unsplash

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