Living With Less // Paring Down Decor

Hello friends!

First, how is it July already??

Second, a funny thing (or two) happened after I wrote the introduction into my Living With Less series (HERE). In that post I said, “I’ll never be an all white with touches of cream and beige kind of girl” and after I published it I suddenly started to see that scheme EVERYWHERE (ever get a new car and suddenly see them all over the road?? Yea, like that!) and now I find that subtle color combo to be QUITE appealing… when it’s done right, it’s done right. It can be warm and inviting. I’ve seen evidence (on Pinterest, of course). What can I say?

Here’s the thing: I still like color and I still like the combination of jewel tones that I’ve used throughout my home. Unfortunately, I don’t have the discretionary funds available to redecorate every room in my house on a whim. But I am drawn to the light and airy feel of a bright white and cream color scheme with touches of warm wood tones thrown in for good measure. I totally understand it’s appeal. Maybe I’ll slowly incorporate more of this minimalist, neutral decor trend here and there, over time…

The second thing that happened was that I started to feel claustrophobic. Suddenly, rather recently, I’ve felt like the furniture is closing in on me. It’s not a constant thing, but I have a strong desire to dial it all back a bit. Which leads me to today’s post topic, and the next step in my living with less quest: paring down decor.

Over the past couple of weeks on the blog, I’ve been delving into the art of decluttering. Honestly, I haven’t completed this crucial first step, but with my newly developed decor-induced anxiety, I think that working on both things at once is just fine. I give you permission to do the same if you feel so inclined 🙂

The question is, what do I do with the items I decide to remove. Do I keep them on hand for when I want to put them back into rotation? Do I use them elsewhere in my home right now? Do I give them away or sell them? Now is such a strange time in our lives. I have such anxiety over the state of the world, with the resurgence of the pandemic, civil unrest, our political climate, and my family’s personal loss that I’m still dealing with. Is it any wonder other things are causing me stress?

As with everything in life, this will be a journey that I will continue to work through. Both the process of how and what to pare back, and then what to do with those items. I will check in to report how everything goes.

Have you ever had the desire to scale back on your decor?

Many thanks and much love,

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