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Happy Blog-day, everyone!

I took a quick break from blogging last week while I was on “vacation,” but I’m back today and I’m excited to discuss the benefits of having a decor stash! What is a decor stash you might ask? Or maybe you won’t ask because it’s kind of self explanatory..? Either way, keep reading!

In my attempt to start Living With Less (missed the intro? You can read it HERE), I toyed with the idea of paring down my decor, to simplify life some and achieve a more minimalist home. Two weeks ago, I wrote about this topic a little bit more in depth (HERE), but I wondered what to do with all the things I pulled away. Do I hang on to them? Or do I just get them out of the house (give away, sell, etc) as fast as I can before I change my mind?

Of course, there’s no one size fits all answer. Sometimes you have to evaluate each piece. If you feel blah about an item and have no real use for it, it’s easier to let it go. If you love it, and/or if it’s an heirloom you can’t bear to part with, keep it. If you’re on the fence and have space to store it, stash it away and come back to it later. We don’t want any regrets! Be honest with yourself, but try not to become a hoarder.

A Prop Closet

If you’ve been here before and read almost any other post, it will come as no surprise that I love to scroll Pinterest. Heck, it’s in the little about me blurb on the sidebar! That being said, often times the home decor pins I come across will inspire me to tweak some of the styling in my home. Having a few decor items set aside for a rainy day can make these restyling sessions so much simpler (and cheaper)! Chances are you already have that perfect item to complete the new look you’re going for.

If you have space in a hall closet (or even just a shelf or two), it’s really fun to create a curated display of the items you’re hanging on to. A prop closet of sorts. You can even go the extra step and style it to look like a little vintage shop! I’ve recently done this on a few shelves in my laundry/linen closet and I think it’s so cute. More on that coming soon!

The Bigger Stuff

Furniture is trickier of course. And bigger. When I think of decor it’s mostly the accessories and tchotchkes. But it can be small furniture pieces too, and in my attempt to pare down my surroundings, I’m also looking at these larger foundation items, like shelving, stools, side tables and such. So what do you do with pieces of furniture you want to hang on to? If they’re small enough to be tucked away in an attic, that works. Or not too precious that you feel okay keeping them in a basement or shed, that could be an option too. Or you can play a little design refresh (HERE) and shuffle some items around to different rooms. I have plans to do this very soon with the leaning shelving unit in my dining area, a faux tree from my living room, a side table in my office and some wire shelving in my bedroom closet.

And of course if you’re ready to part with the item(s), you can list it on Facebook Marketplace or Craigslist, have a yard sale (are we allowed to have those yet?), donate to a thrift store, give to a friend or family member, etc.

Do you keep a decor stash?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

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