Monday Musings // 07.20.2020

Good morning!

Tomorrow is Day 50 of my 100 Day Challenge (HERE)! Wow, time is really flying! And I feel like I’m only making progress on my bathroom renovation goal… which is no small feat, so I’m okay with that. And this is my first 100 Day Challenge, after all, and I’m still trying to get into the swing of it. And trying to give myself grace.

So I thought I’d check in today, just to try to get myself back on track. On Wednesday I have a proper bathroom halfway point post scheduled, so I won’t go on at length about that today.

As a reminder, my nine goals for the 100 Day Challenge were:

  • Phase 1 of my Bathroom Renovation
  • Shred all the old Financial Paperwork
  • Drink More Water
  • Eat Fewer Processed Foods
  • Do PT Every Day
  • Create A Capsule Wardrobe
  • Post consistently on Instagram
  • Promote this little blog over on Pinterest
  • Start my printable shop on Etsy

When I checked in after the first 25 days (HERE), I said I was going to focus more on the shredding and the Instagram posting. Since then I have started SORTING the financial paperwork, but I haven’t posted to Instagram…oops, will start again tomorrow!

When I first set out on this challenge I had intended to keep a detailed log of what I was doing each day. Not necessarily having to make progress on each goal every day, but I was hoping to be able to document progress on at least one of them each day. It was going good because I was doing my PT every morning (#winning). I put 100 post its on the wall, and I took notes for the first 10 days or so. I eventually took them down, because what was the point (they were peeling off too)? 

Tomorrow I will start being better at documenting my progress… so if for nothing else I will at least know for my next 100 Day Challenge.

How are you all today?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Peri Stojnic on Unsplash

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