Monday Musings // 07.27.2020

Hello friends,

Just a short post today, to say I had an unexpected realization over the weekend:

I worked on a project this weekend for phase one of my bathroom renovation and it required building something from scratch. It was a little nerve wracking to start, but was extremely satisfying when it pretty much worked out how I planned. I was very proud of my efforts and happy with the results. I have a lot of moments of self doubt and it was nice to have a moment of confidence for a change.

I want to do more projects like that. Designing and building things. Using tools. I’m thinking of building a small work bench on my patio. My weekend project included using a hand saw and a power drill. I prefer the power tools, lol… I looked through my dad’s collection and I’d like to put them to use. I think he’d like that tool.

Have you ever built anything from scratch?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Alexander Schimmeck on Unsplash

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