100 Day Challenge #2

Good morning, my lovelies!

First of all, Happy Autumn! In this weird world we live in, who thought this day would ever actually come?

I recently found myself wondering what I would do with my “free time” after ALL of my home projects were completed (nevermind the fact that home projects are never really complete). Would I just take it easy? Or would I find something else (that is, an optional something, not something that had to be done out of necessity) to do? The answer to both: yes.

What prompted these questions? Earlier this month I completed Phase 1 of my bathroom renovation (if you missed the reveal, you can see it HERE)! In order to get everything done by my self-imposed deadline, I spent every weekend tackling a different task (or two) on my scheduled out to do list. It was absolutely grueling at times. As I was approaching the finish line, I was definitely ready for a break and I couldn’t imagine taking anything else on.

So I relaxed for a couple of weeks. And it was nice. I always like to spend some time on the weekends reading, browsing online, scrolling through Instagram, watching something on Netflix, YouTube or the DVR (or all three), etc. So I just did more of that. But there’s always something to do. I have a running list that I’m constantly adding to, and consequently working on so that I can check them off. But I can only stay idle for so long before getting that itch.

I had already decided to do another 100 Day Challenge before the last one had even ended. And since I just can’t seem to shake the inherent desire to do another project, I started adding a few of them to my goals for this challenge. My 2nd 100DC kicked off yesterday, and will run through the end of the year. Today I wanted to share everything I hope to accomplish over the next 100 days. Shall we jump in?

During my last 100DC I organized my goals by category. I decided to do that again this go around, but I’m also breaking certain goals into shorter, focused timeframes as well. Hopefully that will set me up for a higher rate of success this time!

This first section has general goals to work on during the full 100 days:

  • Get Organized!!! This is an ongoing battle. But I really want to try get a handle on it. I need some systems. I’ve recently binged The Home Edit’s Netflix series and I’m rejuvenated to the cause. It’s a very broad goal, and I think in order to have success I need to break it down into bite sized pieces. It’s a big part of my Living With Less goal, so gotta get my booty in gear on this one and come up with a plan stat!
  • Do A Daily Top 3 This practice comes and goes in and out of my life. I recently picked it back up, but since my dad’s passing in February, I spend most of my free time during the work week at my mom’s house, and I’m finding it hard to either come up with something (or three somethings) I can realistically do during each day of the week, or to actually get it done. This is one of my 20 Goals for 2020 so that’s why I want to work on it during the 100DC. There are no rules as to the size the task has to be, so maybe I have to change my perspective on this.
  • Do It The Night Before This is also one of my 20 Goals for 2020. It’s vague, but the idea is that rather than doing whatever it is in the morning, to do it the night before: make lunch, pick my outfit, etc. I need to rally when I get home in the evenings to make sure these things are done so I can simplify my mornings somewhat, and make room for other things I’d like to do before work.
  • Finish 20 Goals for 2020 List While I’m at it, why not put everything else from that list too? This challenge will take me to the end of the year so if I haven’t done something from the 2020 list yet, I’ll need to get cracking! In no particular order, the items on the list that haven’t been specifically called out here already (or below), aren’t already in progress or haven’t already been completed, are:
    • Be A Calm Considerate Driver – I think I’m considerate, sometimes it’s hard to stay calm…
    • Organize the Attic – it scares me up there…
    • Spend Less Money, More Time – I’m trying hard on the money part, have to try harder on the time part…
    • Put Up Xmas Decor by 12/1 – still to come…
    • Practice Discipline – my nemesis!

There are three goals I’ve nixed (for now) due to change of mind/heart or circumstance are during these crazy times: Start Etsy Shop, Consume Art & Culture and Go House Hunting.

These next goals are also for the full 100 days, but they’re more physical health/fitness related:

  • PT! PT!! PT!!! I had this goal on my last 100DC because it’s SUPER important. I did well to start and then I let it slip by the wayside. But I’m recommitting to this for the next 100 days (and beyond)! It needs to be a nonnegotiable part of my life.
  • Morning Walks (4-5x/week) I started taking morning walks recently and after one rushed and painful excursion, I got into a good rhythm and now have a couple of perfectly timed routes I can walk before work and feel really good about, both mentally and physically. Right now it works out that it starts getting light out around 6:30 and I can take a 20 minute walk and be back in time to start getting ready for work by 7am. I’m not comfortable walking in the dark, so we’ll see how long this will last!
  • Strength Train (2-3x/week) One of my 40 X 40 Goals is to Get Strong. I need to start somewhere, and that somewhere is going to be small for now. A couple days per week, for 5-10-15 minutes at a time.

For the more specific tasks I want to tackle (and accomplish), I’m breaking the 100 days into quarters. Some are for projects that I want to compete within those 25 days, others are more for really focusing on one of the bigger business goals I have, knowing that the others will have their time later on: 

Q1: September 22 – October 17

  • Finish Painting of Dad I wanted a way to commemorate my dad somehow, so I decided to paint a portrait of him. It’s been ages since I’ve painted, but I thought this would be a good project to spend time thinking about him while I work on it and then I’ll have a memorial of him in my home when I’m done. I started working on it a few months back, and it’s been sitting on my easel, half finished, ever since. I would like to have it done by his birthday on October 27.
  • Post on Instagram
    • I worked on this goal for my 9-5 during my last 100DC and got into a good habit of planning ahead and staying on schedule. I let it lapse a little in the past two weeks, but am going to put it back on my list and expand upon it too. I want to post every day, like/comment more and also start doing stories.
    • I also want to start posting on Instagram for the blog. I created a new Instagram account @laflinesdotcom, separate from my personal account, and am going to start posting there regularly. I will focus on getting this off the ground during this first quarter, but plan to continue on it through the remainder of the 100 Day Challenge and beyond.

Q2: October 17 – November 11

  • Hall Closet Mini Makeover I’m calling this a mini makeover because I’ve already done some work in here since I shared the tour on the blog (HERE), rearranging my storage solutions, labeling some of them, etc. When life gets hectic, and things get tossed inside without much care or consideration, sometimes all that’s needed is a good reorganizing session. So that’s what I plan to do here, and maybe some beautifying will magically happen along the way.
  • LAF Lines Home Page Right now the home page of this site is just a listing of the nine most recent blog posts I’ve published. I have a vision of what I want the home page to be, but I just haven’t figured out how to implement it quite yet. So I want to focus on this, and complete it, during Q2 of this 100DC.

Q3: November 11 – December 6

  • Pinterest This goal is back since I made absolutely zero progress on it during my last 100DC. Like with Instagram, I plan to focus my time on launching this during the 11/11-12/6 timeframe, but to continue working on it into the future as well.
  • Vanity Corner Overhaul The vanity area in my bedroom has become a total mess in the last five years, and the storage solutions for my jewelry have started to fail me. Over the years I’ve sorted through and reorganized my makeup in the vanity itself, but there’s an alcove nook that is in some desperate need for attention. I have already outlined my plan of action complete with detailed timeline for this space, so I’ll be ready when Q3 starts!

Q4: December 6 – December 31

  • YouTube This one scares me, but it’s one of my 40 X 40 Goals and I recently I had a vision for documenting some of my upcoming room refreshes on video in addition to blog posts. Kind of vlog style… we’ll see… I may film them and then totally hate them! lol… the goal is to edit and publish them during this time, but the refreshes they’ll be showcasing are scheduled to happen soon so I’ll have to work on the filming part well before Q4!
  • Shred Old Financials Another goal resurrected from my last 100DC. My thought here is that by doing this in Q4, and completing it by the end of 2020, it will be done just in time to reuse the accordion filing folder that is currently housing the old financials for all of 2020’s papers.

Quite a few goals to tackle, but I think with blocking out smaller timelines for some of the items it will make it less overwhelming.

Will you join me on a 100 Day Challenge?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Debby Hudson on Unsplash

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