Mini Makeover // Jeep Cargo Hold

Hello, Happy Wednesday!

Today I’m excited to share a mini makeover I completed on my Jeep this weekend. If you read my original 20 Goals for 2020 post (HERE), you may recall that after my dad passed away in February, my mom and I decided to switch cars around. I gave my mom my Mazda CX5, and I took over my dad’s Jeep, once we were able to officially transfer the titles.

As with any “new” car, there are things you learn about it after you drive it for a while. The Jeep has some quirks that I’m still figuring out. Sometimes I’m convinced it’s possessed, lol…

When my mom and I switched cars, I grabbed the bins that had been in the Mazda and transferred them to the Jeep. No biggie. What I didn’t anticipate was the fact that the bins would slide around in the cargo hold every time I accelerated or pressed the brake. I think it has something to do with the metal runners that are there to facilitate loading large hauls.

For my day to day, I don’t need access to those. I just want the bins I stash my groceries in to stay put. I knew I could fix it, that I had all the materials on hand, and that I could make it look cute at the same time. Win, win, win!

Shall we?

Here’s a before, with the bins shifted after bringing my groceries home on Sunday.


And a close up. In the shadows back there I also have a collapsable bag holder that once upon a time had Velcro on the bottom that stuck, and which now only does it’s job very half heartedly.


After I cleared out all of the contents of the cargo hold, I put a strip of rug grip that I had leftover from a pack I had purchased to keep throw rugs in place. This is my first line of defense against those metal strips!


And now a layer of fun! I had this throw rug that came in a 2-pack that I got for my Study redesign (HERE), and I hoped it would be the just right size. It was! I put a piece of the rug grip underneath and positioned it so that it wouldn’t get stuck in any of the latches. Cute, right?


Next I added a strip of Velcro to one end of the collapsable bag holder so I could affix it to the back of the seat. It worked!


I also added strips to the gray bins and crossed my fingers that they would stick too, despite their angled sides…


They did! Phew!


I’ve driven a few times since and I haven’t heard anything move. The center and right hand bins have been empty, but the left bin houses things like a portable car vac, a windshield cleaner, IKEA bags (!) and a blanket, and it hasn’t moved either! Hooray!


And while I was at it, I added a favorite picture of me and my dad to the visor. Hi Daddy, love you.


How have you resolved small annoyances you’ve come across?

Many thanks and much love,

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