100DC2 // Checking In After 25 Days

Happy Wednesday everyone!

Last week I took an impromptu blog vacation that coincided with a vacation from my 9-5. Didn’t do anything fancy, it was just a house and life admin kind of vacation. Sometimes you just need those, ya know?

Today I’m back with a check-in post for my second 100 Day Challenge. Four weeks ago I shared my outline of goals (HERE), and I honestly can’t believe that those 25 days have already gone by. Today I just wanted to share my progress with you, and to also say I probably won’t be continuing these challenges in the new year… we’ll see!

But without further ado, let’s crack on!

  • Get Organized!!! I very slowly worked on organizing small spaces, mostly in this past week while I was off from my day job. It was actually a mixture of decluttering and the actual sorting/organizing/putting away. This will be an ongoing challenge forever and ever. And ever.
  • Do A Daily Top 3 As I had mentioned in my 100DC2 intro post, I think I need to reframe my perspective on this goal. I had been looking at it as picking three things above and beyond what I normally would do in the day to day, but I am thinking I need to just pick three items to prioritize from my normal task list.
  • Do It The Night Before I’m kind of doing this with lunches. Not consistently though. Ideally I would actually like to meal prep lunches on Sunday so that I can just grab the items that morning, and the same for my outfits. I did this for a while at some point in the past (everything is blending together now that I’m trying to look back—is this happening to anyone else? I imagine yes…hindsight is hardly 20/20 in 2020, amiright?)
  • Finish 20 Goals for 2020 List 
    • Be A Calm Considerate Driver – I am working on this, and am aware when I am not calm/considerate and am making a mental note to chill out.
    • Organize the Attic – have not been up there yet…
    • Spend Less Money, More Time – I am being mindful of purchases and am limiting them. I’m not sure about more time… these are strange times to be spending time, for the world at large and my own personal bubble. Giving myself grace but not totally giving up either.
    • Put Up Xmas Decor by 12/1 – this obviously has not happened yet. And honestly, I might not decorate this year. TBD…
    • Practice Discipline – I have not really done this, except maybe with my day job tasks. I try not to get distracted or dally too much, but I’m not perfect… in other areas of my life, I’m feeling burn out from projects so am definitely procrastinating at times. I’m trying to eat healthy, with more fruit and veg and less carbs but I have no evidence of it working. Truth is, I don’t know what I’m doing…
  • PT! PT!! PT!!! It is SO HARD to get back into the swing of this. I don’t know why. Must push through.
  • Morning Walks (4-5x/week) As I foreshadowed in my intro post, I don’t like/feel safe walking in the dark and it is now at a point that it doesn’t get light out early enough so that I can walk before work. I walked a couple of days while on vacation (when it didn’t rain) and it was nice to get some fresh crisp autumn air in my lungs. But now that I have resumed my normal work schedule, I have postponed working on this goal until we fall back on November 1, and will go for as long as feel comfortable doing so (I predict December 1 when the sunrise is later again).
  • Strength Train (2-3x/week) I have not picked up weights since starting this challenge, except to move them when I rearranged my fitness room a bit. Does that count? lol…

Q1: September 22 – October 17

  • Finish Painting of Dad I finished the painting a few days early and am very happy with the results! 
  • Post on Instagram
    • I have posted for work, but not nearly as much or with the type of content as I had hoped to.
    • I have not posted for the blog yet, and am debating if I want to before the new year… maybe I’ll do some behind the scenes work during this challenge in anticipation of the new year. We’ll see how the rest of the challenge goes.

And a reminder of my upcoming goals…

Q2: October 17 – November 11

  • Hall Closet Mini Makeover 
  • LAF Lines Home Page 

Q3: November 11 – December 6

  • Pinterest 
  • Vanity Corner Overhaul 

Q4: December 6 – December 31

  • YouTube 
  • Shred Old Financials 

Overall I feel okay with the progress I’ve made so far. Luckily (or unluckily) no one is holding my feet to the fire. These are only my self imposed goals.

When I shared my updated 40 x 40 list (HERE), I mentioned ditching all my lists, only to turn back around and start this challenge with it’s own type of list. I waffle back and forth with this. Recently I’ve been struggling with my mental health, feeling very overwhelmed and anxious in different areas of my life. Also my physical health feels stagnant and like I need to get a handle on prioritizing myself. For real this time. So even though these goals I have outlined are things I want to achieve, I may or may not have much to report at my next check in. Remembering grace and self compassion…

How have you been?

Many thanks and much love,

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