This Is The Remix

Welcome to another Wednesday!

Today I am introducing a mini home remix series that I will be revealing over the next few weeks… or maybe months, if I’m being honest with myself! So, what is a remix, you say?

Part of my Living With Less journey (you can catch up on all the posts HERE) is to pare down the decor and furniture pieces that don’t have meaning or spark joy. But there are items I’m not quite ready to part with yet. I’m not THAT good at living with less! 

There are some items that I want to keep but not necessarily in their current location, so I’m going to attempt to repurpose them in a way that will make better use of the item, add some space to my space, and strike a new spark of joy… a remix, if you will. Does that make sense? Hope so!

Let’s jump in!

The Plan

As it stands now, my mini home remix will include swapping items from my living room, dining room, bedroom (closet) and office. I will repurpose those items into my dining room, bedroom closet and hall closet. Some rooms will have items completely removed, and others will have items replaced or added.

The Living Room

This faux bamboo tree currently lives in the far corner of the living room near my sofa. It used to reside in my fitness room until I moved it in a previous remix. I am going to try it in the corner of my dining room instead…

The Dining Room

This leaning shelf used to be a full stocked coffee and tea station, with my entire mug collection on display too. Now it only holds some coffee and tea, and my small stash of alcohol. The plan is to relocate this shelf to my bedroom closet…

Bedroom Closet

These hanging shelves will soon be replaced with the leaning unit from downstairs. Since my initial vision, I have modified the plan slightly (I ultimately want to do a closet build out), so this may be short lived. But for now, the unit from the dining room comes upstairs and replaces the wire shelves that will have a new home in my hall closet…

Hall Closet

I’m constantly trying to figure out how to make the most of this storage space. Some form of reconfiguration is almost always in process. The plan is to remix the wire shelves from my bedroom closet, and put them to use in the hall closet. If you’ve been reading along for the past few weeks, you’ll know I have some other plans for this space too. Reveal coming next week!!

The Office

This a round side table currently lives in my office (don’t mind all the wires!), but only because I didn’t know where else to put it. It has a brother in my fitness room, and they used to be my bedside tables until I upgraded to a set with drawers. Right now, it’s only purpose is holding an ancient MacBook that is on it’s last leg. I want to relocate it to the dining room and use it as a scaled down coffee (and bar) cart.

The Living Room, Again

And to come full circle, I will probably want to put something on the wall where the faux tree currently resides… I just don’t know what yet…will have to shop my decor stash! Or find something else to swap..!

I’m hopeful that these visions will come to fruition just as I see them in my mind, and that I can then share them here with you all. But if it all turns out to be a terrible mistake, I’ll be coming up with some new content for my editorial calendar, stat!

Have you repurposed any furniture or decor recently?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by pixabay-417458 on Pexels

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