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Hello, hello!

Today I am excited to share the long anticipated (by me at least!) Hall Closet reveal! This storage space has undergone several small transformations since I last shared it on the blog (HERE). But I’ve continually felt like I wasn’t getting the most out of it…

Late last year I brainstormed ways to transform this space. At the time I considered buying additional IKEA Ivar components to add to the shelving units that were already there and thus ramp up the storage potential, but the sizing didn’t work out quite right and the hassle of figuring it out started to feel overwhelming.

So instead I thought about how I could reuse bits and pieces from other areas of my home to max out the storage space this closet provides. A remix!

First, some random photos that I snapped during the in-between…

And now, brace yourself—on to the reveal!

Ta da! Whoa, right? Please keep in mind that this storage space acts as a laundry room (for everything but the washer and dryer, which are in the hall), linen closet, Christmas storage, storage for travel-related supplies and most recently, random decor items including artwork and tchotchkes galore! It’s filled to the gills, but nothing falls out onto my head when I open the door!

In last week’s remix post (HERE), I mentioned repurposing the wire shelves that had been in my bedroom closet (filled with shoes). They fit perfectly in this corner above where I store my Christmas tree and make great use of what had previously been wasted space. Here they are before I loaded them up with randomness!

And here, with the randomness! The Godiva bag is filled with Christmas things, sadly not a secret chocolate stash!

These wire shelving units have lived in several different spots since I first purchased them, but I think they’ve found their forever home. I reconfigured the shelf heights to make the most of them, added lots of bins and topped them with a piece of wood from Lowe’s to act as a counter top of sorts. 

Currently storing artwork, empty frames, and a kitty lumbar pillow that are all currently out of rotation.

On the opposite side of the doorway, I stacked these plastic drawer units that have also had several homes over the years (including in this very space, but as two separate units). I sorted their contents and labeled them for easy identification when I’m looking for something in a hurry. They house things like body pillow covers, curtain panels, shower curtains, bath mats and throw rugs, wall hangings/tapestries, and random hardware that I may need one day. You never know!

And to stay on theme, some more randomness, including towel storage, a laundry sorting station, cleaning supplies, hidden sheet sets and, of course, some more decor!

And finally a close up of my tchotchke collection, my mini prop closet / vintage shop setup that I hinted at ages ago (HERE).


Do you have a storage space filled with all the randomness?

Many thanks and much love,

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