Vanity Corner Overhaul

Good morning, friends!

One of the projects that I decided to tackle in my latest 100 Day Challenge, was an update to the vanity corner of my bedroom. Today I am pleased to report that have checked this task off of my list! It still needs some work (mostly sorting through all of my jewelry), but the bulk of the transformation is completed and I’m excited to share the progress I’ve made!

First, a reminder of what it looked like before, back when I first did my bedroom tour (HERE).

And some progress shots while I’ve been working on the mini overhaul…

Did you catch my penguin slipper cameo in there? lol…

This little alcove already had braces along the back wall when I moved in. I’m not sure what they could have been for, other than for built in shelving. So I decided to run with it and add rails along the sides, and then shelves on top to make a more beautiful use of the space than the leaning tower of storage boxes that had resided here previously.

I hand sawed all of the wood planks, and put the shelves together with wood glue. It took quite a bit of trial and error to get them to fit (old houses aren’t always/ever square), and some ingenuity (thank you 11/16″ quarter round!) to hide the braces that were showing after not fully thinking through my original wood purchases. Despite the speed bumps along the way, I’m proud of what I created in this little nook.

Now on to the reveal of my new and improved (or maybe just a little prettier?) vanity corner!

I’m still on the fence about the picture rail over the mirror, with the necklaces hanging down. But I’m living with it for now.

Yes this is a cooling rack… I wanted to DIY an earring holder, but I didn’t want to buy anything. This works at the moment!

My narrowed down nail polish collection on display. I’m pleased with the shelves, even if they’re not perfect close up.

And I’ll leave you with two reminders, to Dream Wish Believe, and to Be You Tiful. Thank you for joining me!

Have you updated any little corners recently?

Many thanks and much love,

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