Christmas Decor Chronicles // 2020 Edition

Merry Christmas Eve Eve (for those who celebrate) and Happy Wednesday to all!

Today I thought I’d share my holiday decor, in the spirt of the season! First up, the tree!

Since rearranging my furniture since last Christmas, my tree needed a new home. And I’m quite happy with it nestled between the window and the sliding doors. Above, the various stages of decoration…

… and ta da! All dressed up! Then I added my other ornaments (like my bird collection!), below are some closeups.

And some sprinkles of cheer throughout the rest of the downstairs…

…and some merry outside too!


Big, bad Rudolph the Jeep! He goes where I go, and I smile when I see his antlers. Wonder what my dad would think… hehe…

How did you decorate for the holidays this year?

Many thanks and much love,

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