Goodbye 2020! Final Goal Checkin

Hello friends!

I can’t believe this is the final post of 2020. What a strange year it has been. If you had asked me just a few years ago what 2020 would be like, it seemed that it would be a year of possibility. 2020. And in a blink, it was finally here. But then the reality of what it had in store hit hard. Personal turmoil, followed immediately by global upheaval in the face of a pandemic. And yet here we are. Those of us lucky enough to have made it through unscathed, here we are, finally at the end.

Sadly, the clock striking midnight will not immediately change our circumstances. The new year is not magic like that. Yet it does bring a sense of fresh possibility, much like my younger self envisioning what 2020 would be. Despite the outside obstacles, we can all strive for new goals in 2021. It won’t be easy, but why not try?

Before I get to setting new goals, I just want to close out the year by reviewing how I ended up doing with those 2020 goals that I was optimistic about just 12 months ago… shall we?

20 Goals for 2020

Several of my goals for 2020 weren’t really quantifiable, but I’ll do my best to determine if they were a success…

  1. Prioritize movement – While I have my moments of utter lack of motivation, and I can’t bring myself to do anything productive, I would say this goal was a relative success. Allowing myself those moments/hours/days of grace when needed, but also pushing myself to achieve tasks that required physical exertion. And not just scrolling, not just staring. Sometimes when your mind is screaming no, forcing yourself to move is just the thing you need to get through.
  2. No phone while driving  – I am not proud to say this, but I have not been perfect at this. So that makes it a fail.
  3. Be a calm, considerate driver – Still a work in progress, this is one of those that can only be checked off the list until a circumstance makes you have to uncheck it again lol…
  4. Hall closet revamp – Check! See the reveal HERE.
  5. Organize the attic  – Nope… next year!
  6. Bathroom update (Phase 1)  – Check! See the reveal HERE.
  7. Merge, purge and dedupe – As with calm, considerate driving, this is a constant battle. Progress was made, but not nearly enough to call this a total success. Still a work in progress!
  8. Do it the night before – I did not collect data, but I’m pretty sure this was a fail.
  9. Document my outfits everyday – It wasn’t every single day, but almost every single day. Enough to say, check!
  10. Spend less money, spend more time – Yes and no, no and yes. I don’t know.
  11. Music jar challenge – Check!
  12. Pay off my car loan – Check!
  13. Start an Etsy shop – Postponed for now…
  14. Rewrite my 40 x 40 list (and work on it) – Check! But I think I want to edit it again…
  15. Put up the Christmas decorations by 12/1 – Check! See the reveal HERE.
  16. Do a Daily Top 3 – Nope…
  17. Consume more art & culture – If watching artist YouTube videos and following art related hashtags on Instagram count, then I did consume more art than I normally would in a given year. And in 2020, this really was the best way to do so. Culture, eh, not so sure, not so much…
  18. Go house hunting – I browsed online realty sites a couple of times of the course of the year. But nothing in person, obviously. And I’m not really looking to move quite yet so no harm in not achieving this one…
  19. Get/keep current on my podcasts – I made a conscious effort to catch up on certain podcasts. I have given up on a couple, and one I am still years behind on. But overall, this is pretty much a success.
  20. Practice discipline – this is one of those that can’t be quantified, while I wasn’t out of control, I didn’t practice control either. This will be a perennial goal, so can’t really check it off. And that’s okay.

And since we’re here on this penultimate day of 2020, let’s do a final check in on my second 100 Day Challenge:


  • Get Organized!!! – yes and no, depending where you look and how closely lol… maybe if you squint, then yes!
  • Do A Daily Top 3 – See above…
  • Do It The Night Before – See above…
  • Finish 20 Goals for 2020 List – See above…
  • PT! PT!! PT!!! – Pretty much no on this one. I know, I KNOW!
  • Morning Walks (4-5x/week) – Eh, even before the sunrise started happening too late to walk (comfortably) before work I still didn’t achieve this nearly as much as I had intended. And I’m okay with it.
  • Strength Train (2-3x/week) – I did this a handful of times, in the final month of the challenge… 
  • Finish Painting of Dad – Check!
  • Post on Instagram – Nope…
  • Hall Closet Mini Makeover – Check!
  • LAF Lines Home Page – Worked on it but hit some roadblocks so didn’t implement it on the live site… yet! Figured out a solution to some of the issues I was having, stay tuned!
  • Pinterest – Nope…
  • Vanity Corner Overhaul – Check! See the reveal HERE.
  • YouTube – Nope…
  • Shred Old Financials – This is not quite done, but I made A LOT of progress and I still have one day left in the year, so I still have hope! And I also sorted and filed away all my 2020 receipts and such before the end of the year. Woo woo!!!

How did you do with your goals this year?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Kristopher Roller on Unsplash

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