Project Punch List

Hello my lovelies!

Today I’m sharing my 2021 Project Punch List! Last year, I went around my house, Notes app open on my iPhone, and started logging every little (or big) thing I wanted/needed to tackle in each room. The idea was to come up with 52 items, so that I could complete one task each week and have the list done by the end of the  year. Some of the items are small, and require the same supplies as another item, so they can be done at once. Others are bigger and may take more than one week. And quite frankly, some are more expensive than I may be able to tackle in 2021.

But I’m not going to worry about finishing the list this year. If I do, it’s an added bonus. I’ll just do the best that I can, and that will be good enough. As it turns out, I had more than 52 tasks on my list after I went to each room. I completed some in 2020 (crossed off below), and I’m left with exactly 52 now! Totally not planned…

Let’s crack on, shall we?


  • Fill door jamb
  • Paint door jamb
  • Replace doorbell
  • Patch “brick”
  • Paint “brick”


  • Paint ceiling near track light
  • Paint wall near thermostat
  • Fill hole and paint near thermostat
  • Fix/Paint ceiling over fridge
  • Fill holes in window trim & paint
  • Paint face of half wall near fridge
  • Put knobs on faux island drawer fronts
    • Find right size screws


  • Add legs to credenza
  • Facelift to credenza doors
  • Replace with round coffee/bar “cart”
  • Relocate leaning shelves


  • Finalize shelf styling
  • Vacuum sliding door track
  • Fill holes and paint


  • Fill holes and paint
  • Hang picture rails over fire place
  • Put hinges on ottoman top
  • Take tape off of fireplace cord
  • Change plate cover behind fireplace 


  • Work bench area


  • Shelves

Utility Closet

  • Paint
  • Peel & stick tile
  • Reorganize
  • Power tool cart

Powder Room

  • Recaulk sink
  • Crown molding

Coat Closet

  • Hang wreath
  • Bifold door?


  • Paint handrails
  • New handrail hardware
  • Vacuum!!


  • Painted wall treatment?

Laundry Alcove

  • Paint wood strip
  • Get new washer dryer 

Hall Closet

  • Organize
  • Add wire hang down shelves
  • Put bracket under wire shelf

Fitness Room

  • Remove window mullions
  • Mandala decal over bike
  • Dismantle inversion bed?


  • Remove window mullions
  • “Work hard and be nice” wall hanging
  • New ceiling fan
  • Paint base of sewing table


  • Poly the shelves and niche
  • New faucets
  • New tile in shower
  • New floors
  • Organize under sinks


  • New ceiling fan
  • Closet build out
  • Vanity corner overhaul


  • “Flooring”
  • Lighting

What’s on your house to do list this year?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Adonyi Gábor from Pexels


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