40 x 40, 3.0

Hello, hello!

It’s that time of year again! I just “celebrated” my 37th birthday on Saturday, and as the number gets higher my enthusiasm for the day decreases lol… but I digress! Today is about acknowledging accomplishments and looking forward to making progress on new (and old) goals!

I know, I know… you may be saying, I thought you said in your last check-in post (HERE), that you were stepping away from all the lists? I did say that. I guess I just can’t help myself. And it will probably come as no surprise that I have tweaked my 40 x 40 list, yet again (this is version 3.0). I won’t go on at length about each item, but if I’ve completed something (bolded), or started/made progress (bold italic) on any of them already I will note it below.

So shall we? In no particular/alphabetical order, here we go!

  1. Bathroom Reno, Phase 2
  2. Become a fur-mama
  3. Become a member of an art museum
  4. Be a better housekeeper & homemaker I guess this is subjective lol, and I’m certainly not perfect. But I have been drawn to displaying the more domestic side of myself…
  5. Birthday cards & snail mail
  6. Consume art and culture at the moment this is YouTube art vlogs as I am not comfortable being out in the world (wherever we’re allowed to actually be out in it at the moment).
  7. Create art more regularly
  8. Design books
  9. Develop a proper skin care routine my skin is still a mess, more so than ever with daily mask wearing, but I’m not 100% sure it’s only from the mask, so still figuring this one out. It’s a journey…
  10. Do regular digital detoxes
  11. Dye my hair…purple?
  12. Eat a Mediterranean diet not exclusively but working on incorporating it more frequently
  13. Eat a mostly vegetarian diet I usually do this by default because I don’t particularly like touching/preparing meat, but I do still eat meat (especially because for the last year I’ve been eating dinner with my mom 6 out of 7 nights)
  14. Finally complete B School
  15. Find relief from chronic back pain
  16. Get life insurance
  17. Get strong
  18. Go on more/local adventures
  19. Grow a vegetable garden I have grown peppers the last couple of years, and last year I added tomatoes. I’m thinking I may only focus on herbs this coming season… but I consider this complete even though I plan to still continue on with it.
  20. Grow my hair long
  21. Keep up with world news still watching the nightly news and with recent national/world happenings I’ve taken to checking the news app on my phone more frequently, and it’s still mostly depressing.
  22. Learn hand lettering/ script handwriting I started the first section of my hand lettering workbook earlier this year. Still a long way to go!
  23. Learn Italian
  24. Learn to say hello in 40 languages I did the research and identified 40 languages and how they say hello, but I have to start studying!
  25. Live with less still on this journey, it is hard! Hi, I’m Lisa and I am a shoe, and pillow hoarder.
  26. Look for my “forever” home
  27. Perfect my signature
  28. Practice gratitude
  29. Practice meditation
  30. Practice Pilates again
  31. Read 40 books I got myself back on track for this, hooray! Some audio books have been mixed in for fun and variety.
  32. Reboot blogging hi! Still at it!
  33. Save more money I’ve been trying to spend less so by default I’m saving more…
  34. Start a YouTube channel
  35. Start an Etsy shop
  36. Start investing 1-5-10% of income
  37. Study Latin
  38. Take more pictures
  39. Whittle down my wardrobe (create a capsule?) I am constantly working on this.
  40. Write and publish an e-book

Do you create lists of life goals?

Many thanks and much love,

Photo by Markus Winkler from Pexels


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