Vanity Corner Overhaul

Good morning, friends!

One of the projects that I decided to tackle in my latest 100 Day Challenge, was an update to the vanity corner of my bedroom. Today I am pleased to report that have checked this task off of my list! It still needs some work (mostly sorting through all of my jewelry), but the bulk of the transformation is completed and I’m excited to share the progress I’ve made!

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This Is The Remix

Welcome to another Wednesday!

Today I am introducing a mini home remix series that I will be revealing over the next few weeks… or maybe months, if I’m being honest with myself! So, what is a remix, you say?

Part of my Living With Less journey (you can catch up on all the posts HERE) is to pare down the decor and furniture pieces that don’t have meaning or spark joy. But there are items I’m not quite ready to part with yet. I’m not THAT good at living with less! 

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Mini Makeover // Jeep Cargo Hold

Hello, Happy Wednesday!

Today I’m excited to share a mini makeover I completed on my Jeep this weekend. If you read my original 20 Goals for 2020 post (HERE), you may recall that after my dad passed away in February, my mom and I decided to switch cars around. I gave my mom my Mazda CX5, and I took over my dad’s Jeep, once we were able to officially transfer the titles.

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Bathroom Reno // Phase 1 – The Reveal!

Good morning!

Today I am SO excited to share the real of Phase 1 of my bathroom renovation! Not only am I excited, but I’m so proud of what I accomplished to transform this space from what it was to what it is now. For a reminder of what it was before, you can check out my previous bathroom tour HERE. And in case you missed the halfway point progress, you can see the nitty gritty HERE.

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Bathroom Reno // Phase 1 Check In – The Halfway Point!

Hello, hello!

I’m at the halfway point of my bathroom renovation! A lot has happened since I shared my plans and inspiration (HERE). I posted about my progress when I was a 25 days in (HERE). I did all the “demo” and even removed the mirror! Wow, what a feat that was! I was super proud of myself for getting that done all by myself.

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Bathroom Reno // The Inspiration + Phase 1 Plans

Happy Wednesday!

Last week I announced my first ever 100 Day Challenge (HERE), and that Phase 1 of my long desired bathroom renovation would be part of it! Hooray!!! I’d love to be able to do a full blown overhaul right now, but the truth is I can’t afford it at this moment. So while I save my monies for the bigger items on my list, I’ll tackle Phase 1, which includes all of the tasks I can do (and feel fairly comfortable doing) without getting a contractor or any tradesmen involved. While I officially started the 100 Day Challenge on Monday, I haven’t actually begun the bathroom reno quite yet. I think it will have to be more of a weekend warrior project. But I promised to share my plans today, so here I am!

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