11 Activities For Winter Fun

There are 11 weekends (including this weekend) left until the start of spring on March 20. If weather permits, of course you can go sledding, skiing, snowboarding, make a snowman or have a snowball fight, etc. Or if the spirit moves you, you can go ice skating. But I don’t particularly like being cold, lol, so I’m putting together a list of 11 warm activities to get you through the rest of the cold winter!

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The Christmas Eve Agenda

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve! And I’m so NOT ready..!

As is tradition, my dad and I will be going shopping for my mom tomorrow. If you missed my post about my favorite Christmas traditions (including the Christmas Eve shopping excursion), you can check it out HERE. Though, this year I’m a little nervous that my anxiety will get the better of me. Plus, we have NO idea what to get her, hahaha… okay, I lie, we have ONE idea…

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Freebie Friday // Grocery Budget Checklist

Happy Friday! We’re already seven days in to Blogmas, can you believe it?

If you read Sunday’s post about how I plan my meals and food prep each week, you may recall me mentioning that I use a Google Sheet for my grocery list. I use it to not only keep track of what I already added to my cart, but to also keep track of what I’m spending.

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