How I Noomed

Hello friends, I hope all is well! I just wanted to stop in today to give a quick update on my weight loss journey so far this year. You may remember that back in early February I decided to try Noom to help guide me this go around. Overall, I was happy with the program and my experience. But somewhere around Week 12, I crumbled. I fell off the Noom wagon. Part of it was due to my own tendency to lose gusto and get bored, the other part was real life coming in and distracting me. Majorly.

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My Health & Fitness Journey // UPDATE

On my birthday this year I weighed in about 30lbs heavier than my ideal/healthy weight for my height. And for my own emotional well being. I know “they” say you think you’ll be happier if you lose the weight, but will you? Only time will tell I suppose, but I wanted to get back in control and do what I could to take some of the pounds off. Doing it on my own hadn’t worked up to this point.

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My Current Beauty Faves

Hello my lovelies! This week I shared my bathroom tour on the blog, so I thought I’d continue in the vein of self care and hygiene by sharing my current beauty faves. Everything from skin care and makeup, to my favorite products for hair and my daily/weekly routines.

Disclaimer: I am by no means a beauty expert, skin care expert, hair expert, anything expert, lol. I don’t know the exact best things, or methods. I just know what works for me, doesn’t cause me irritation or ill-effect and wanted to share my favorite products as of this moment. Shall we?

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One Small Change for Less Stress this Holiday


Is it just me or are you fighting a never ending battle with emails too? And especially at this time of year! I am bombarded every time I turn around. Stores sending email after email, every day, even multiple times a day. I don’t mind so much if it’s a store I’m looking to shop at. Of course I want to know about their sales! But it’s every place I’ve ever bought anything from ever. And it stresses me out to see all those badges on my phone, haha…

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Make It A Habit // Meal Planning + Food Prep

I’ve been meaning to write this post for a while now, at least several weeks, maybe a couple of months even. But I always felt like I wasn’t ready. Like I was a fraud for speaking about diet and meal planning and food prep. You see, I love food. Good food, in particular. Some not so good for you food too. And while I wouldn’t say I binge, I can lose control sometimes. I do overeat occasionally. I want to lose weight (as of typing this I’m about 30 pounds overweight), but I don’t want to be on a diet. I want to find a balance that is a lifestyle change I can maintain and not feel deprived or sad about. But I’m no expert and I’m still working on what that balance is exactly.

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BBG Pre Training Recap

Pretty much every attempt at BBG goes something like this: start pre-training and kill it day one; wake up day two and can’t sit down or stand up from the toilet (or anywhere really); continue on and make it through week two and then either hurt myself and/or catch a cold;  then bail and beat myself up for not making it through yet again. Then repeat.

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BBG Pre-Training Week 1 Check In

Good morning, happy Saturday and happy weekend! 

So guys, I did it! I actually started BBG this week like I said I was going to in this post. Yay!!! I made modifications for my back and fitness level, and I didn’t follow everything superrr strictly, but I did something! I still sweat up a storm and was sore the next day. And I’m proud of myself for doing it. So I wanted to come on today and just check in with you all, and give you the scoop on how it went!

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