Bathroom Reno // The Inspiration + Phase 1 Plans

Happy Wednesday!

Last week I announced my first ever 100 Day Challenge (HERE), and that Phase 1 of my long desired bathroom renovation would be part of it! Hooray!!! I’d love to be able to do a full blown overhaul right now, but the truth is I can’t afford it at this moment. So while I save my monies for the bigger items on my list, I’ll tackle Phase 1, which includes all of the tasks I can do (and feel fairly comfortable doing) without getting a contractor or any tradesmen involved. While I officially started the 100 Day Challenge on Monday, I haven’t actually begun the bathroom reno quite yet. I think it will have to be more of a weekend warrior project. But I promised to share my plans today, so here I am!

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40 x 40, An Update

Good day friends!

As of today, according to Sir Google, there are officially 1,357 days left until my 40th birthday. Ugh, lol!

Last year, on my 35th birthday, I published a list of 40 things (HERE) I wanted to accomplish before I reached that milestone birthday. That of course was before my world fell apart, back when I thought my life (in the short term at least) would be much brighter than I now see it (dimmed by my dad’s illness and ultimate passing, followed by a global pandemic). Despite everything that has happened in the last year, I haven’t given up on this challenge, but I have decided to rewrite the list. I even made it one of my 20 Goals for 2020 (HERE), and I have achieved that goal, hooray!

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20 Goals for 2020

This post is a bit overdue, huh? But better late than never!

NOTE: these posts ALWAYS end up being sooo long, so I apologize in advance!

Last year, as the end of 2019 was approaching, before we got the news about my dad’s cancer coming back and when the idea of a global pandemic was unimaginable, I saw something floating around the interwebs about setting 20 goals for 2020. Instead of normal resolutions, you create a list of 20 things to work on in 2020. These could be goals with measurable results, or habits to adopt (or to say adios to), etc, etc, etc. I liked this idea, so I worked on writing a list.

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