Holiday Decor Tour // Outdoors

Hello! And welcome to the final leg of my Holiday Decor Tour! Outside decorations! If you missed part one (The Tree), you can check it out HERE; and part two (Indoor Decorations), you can check that out HERE!

I had every intention to do my outdoor decorations WEEKS ago. I usually only do a wreath, updated for the holidays with berries and a bow, holly leaves and a twisted gold wire “be merry.” But this year, being inspired by the thought of posting on my blog, I ordered some extra decorations from Amazon and meant to put them up during daylight hours a couple of weekends ago. But of course, as they say, the best-laid plans… it was mostly the weather foiling those plans! So tonight I said, that’s it! It must be done! Because soon enough it will be time to take them down, so it’s now or never!

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Holiday Decor Tour // Sprinkles of Cheer

Welcome to part two of my Holiday Decor Tour! If you missed part one (The Tree), check it out HERE!

Today I’m sharing the holiday decor I sprinkle throughout the rest of the house to make it feel festive and cozy this season. It’s still a work in progress, but it’s getting there! I will update this post as I finish decorating the other spaces.

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Holiday Decor Tour // The Tree

Welcome to part one of my Holiday Decor Tour!

I’ve had my tree up since Black Friday, but I didn’t get to photograph it because of some life complications that left my house in shambles. It’s still in shambles for the record, just out of frame, haha… I also intended to do a full reveal of all my holiday decorations, but I went on a bit of a last minute Amazon shopping spree (who? me??) and ordered more decorations to supplement my current arsenal. I’m still waiting for everything to arrive, so I decided I would make this a series! First up, the tree!

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